We will not be closing for the holiday, Monday September 19th. Here’s why.

Our team has been sitting in the gravity of what we are all living through right now. This includes the privileged, celebratory lens we are inundated with regarding the Queen’s death. We express our condolences to the Royal Family for losing a loved one. However, we cannot take this day to celebrate or mourn the monarchy. A symbol of colonialism and pain to many, the monarchy has enriched a powerful few at the expense of Indigenous populations around the world. We will be open on Monday. The declaration of a holiday impacts our schools and therefore our kids, so we will accommodate our team appropriately.

We know that “nothing changes if nothing changes.” And we prompt ourselves to ask ‘am I going along with something just because it’s always been done this way?” Often the things ‘that have always been done this way’ are rooted in colonial practice, whether we can detect it at first glance or not. These things may have evolved over time, but the core motive to benefit an ‘elite few’ over Indigenous populations remains embedded. We see it in systems across Canada today.

We have an opportunity to be a part of collective change. If you are struggling with how to think and feel about the newest federal holiday we encourage you to check out some of the following articles that helped us reflect on our why

Queen Elizabeth II’s Death is a Chance to Examine the Present-day Effects of Britain’s Colonial Past

The questions over the queen’s role in Britain’s violent empire, explained by a historian – Vox

If you are interested in learning more about reconciliation and your role in it, check out some of the following local organizations having an impact. We hope you take the time to sit in the discomfort that comes with uncovering the realities of our history, and what each of us can do with our own privilege to influence necessary change.

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5 thoughts on “We will not be closing for the holiday, Monday September 19th. Here’s why.”

  1. .
    Me’ tal-wlein nitap
    You have the right to do as you wish in this matter … but please do not assume you are in anyway being respectful of Mikmak / Mi’kmaq … because this is Mi’kma’ki … the land of the people … our Elders, many of them Veterans, held Queen Elizabeth in both high esteem and respect … she was also a Vet … as was my father … my grandfather … and his father before … I will not allow any Native or Non-Native to downplay the dignity of Sma’knis aq Kji-matnakewinu for political ‘woke’ and call it reconciliation … and grow tired of the many wen’ju-tiam epkenaq claims of pretentious shallow cliché reconciliation that assault my senses on a daily basis … I am Lnuk, and I will respect the Queen on Monday as will anybody that respects Mikmak / Mi’kmaq Elders and Veterans .. what ‘apples’ and ‘woke’ do … well real Lnuk really don’t care … !!
    Nmultes …


  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share this perspective, Sapal. You brought to light a point of view we were unaware of, that has prompted us to reflect on our our level of awareness.
    We appreciate this is a complex and nuanced situation, and we respect your decision to honour and mourn the Queen.

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