Build stronger, more dynamic teams and foster cultures of belonging.

Explore our socially-conscious recruitment services, human dynamics consulting, EDI strategy services, workshops and education.

Please note, we are always open to considering different situations that may not be accounted for in our listed offerings. We encourage you to contact us with any inquiries or questions.

Targeted Search Services - Placemaking 4G

Build your dream team with our Targeted Search Services

People inherently have more to offer than what can be summarized in a two-page document. This is why P4G takes a values-based approach to recruitment rather than only relying on what is traditionally included on a resume. In addition to identifying the skills and experience, our process uncovers more about a person’s purpose and what makes them who they are. We use this to align people and organizations who are motivated to work together.

Cultivate a culture of belonging with our Consulting Services

Workplaces are dynamic and require care and attention from trusted professionals. In addition to human dynamics navigation and policy development, we partner with Crayon Strategies to help you develop measurable and practical equity, diversity and inclusion strategies and plans that address human needs and build stronger cultures. Our services are full scope, including demographic and sentiment surveys, strategic planning, 360 leadership assessments and support with implementation and education.

Consultants include:

  • Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)
  • Workplace Belonging Advisors and Facilitators
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultants
  • Inclusive Communication professionals
  • Indigenous and Decolonization Advisors
  • Equity Evaluation Advisors

Services include, but are not limited:

  • Leadership 360 Assessments
  • Executive Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements

Consulting - Placemaking 4G
Workshops + Training - Placemaking 4G

Workshops & Training

Team learning is a game-changer that can provide shared context, language and experiences to deepen our collective understanding of one another and improve how we work together. We offer dynamic, unconventional workshops and training to cultivate a sense of belonging within your organization:

  • Brave and Inclusive Communications Workshop: We help your team lean into healthy friction by deepening their understanding of interpersonal communication, inclusive behavior change and the importance of a sense of belonging. Participants will gain an understanding of the communication styles and the tendencies and preferences among their group. This half-day workshop includes interactive activities, a 20-minute self-assessment and results, so you can collectively transform communication habits and routines.
  • Disrupting Bias Training: Our brains process thousands of data points a day and are designed to group and label things out of necessity. When unexamined these labels can lead to problematic, hurtful, and limiting decisions, which impact workplace systems, policies and people, every day. But it doesn't have to be this way. In this workshop, teams will learn why biases happen, how they hold us back, and what we can do to disrupt them.

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