「 We are driven to build equitable access to prosperity for communities and people who experience systematic disadvantages. 」

Our vision is a future where all people are seen and celebrated for who they are and can thrive  at their fullest potential. We believe everyone should have autonomy over their definition of success and well-being.

As the only firm of its kind in Canada registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are mandated to re-invest 60% of profits back into local communities to amplify the impact of grass-roots initiatives that align with our mission.

Have an organization or initiative that needs support?

Our Framework for Showing Up



Reciprocity:  Work with community, not do to / or for community. We understand that current day philanthropy is still riddled with colonization and that the language of 'giving back' insinuates we are comfortable with taking. We adopt a form of solidarity-based support, where communities unite against a common struggle and meet each-others needs.


Apply and offer our skills and trained areas of expertise to maximize impact.



We do not empower.  We believe everyone has infinite power that at times can be suppressed as a result of systemic barriers and oppression. We are committed to moving boulders out of the way and making tools, guidance and support accessible - so people can step into their own power and potential.

Impact Reports

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