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Below you’ll find brief bios on our team members highlighting our eclectic mix of training and skills. But you will also read about our life experiences, interests, quotes we find motivating and ambitions we have for the world. This diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and interests are embraced at P4G and show up in our work for clients every day.


Bradley Daye



On a mission to co-create a more socially conscious recruiting industry, Bradley leads P4G’s placemaking work, and inspires workplaces to embrace cultural differences, lived experiences, and the vulnerabilities that come with being human at work.

With a deeply rooted history in Nova Scotia, Bradley was born and raised in Halifax and is a community leader, coach and member of the African Nova Scotian community. As the Grandson of Delmore Buddy Daye, Bradley is intrinsically grounded in community development led with empathy. Despite a successful career in professional sports – having played and coached football at both the university and professional level – Bradley found his purpose as an architect for value-aligned recruiting. His proven track record of taking an idea from incubation to success, sparked the successful launch and scale of two businesses and a non-profit organization. By serving on the Board of Directors for United Way Halifax, and supporting youth football in Halifax’s North End, Bradley is always contributing locally to the spaces where everything started for him. With 12 years of combined professional coaching and business management experience, Bradley’s work is multi-dimensional and woven with the values that course through his bloodstream: Compassion, Community and Love.


Matt Thomson


Co-Founder/CEO, father, husband and social entrepreneur

With a bold vision to make the world of work more human, Matt joined forces to co-found and inspire the life force that makes P4G. 

Having grown up in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, he met the love of his life while attending Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. Now, he’s happy to call Nova Scotia home proudly wearing the “here-by-choice” badge. Constantly learning from teachers that surround him, including his kids, wife, parents, friends and mentors, Matt’s grateful for the wisdom and inspiration he is exposed to. Living with a passion for joy, fulfillment and love, Matt brings his authentic self to all that he does. With the life-purpose of leading courageously toward love, his leadership journey has always been rooted in empathy and collaboration, whether throughout his football career, professional career, entrepreneurial career or fatherhood journey. Finally, Matt strives to reflect and honour his values which are to: Amplify, Inspire and Transform. 

Patrick Adeyemi


Technology & Innovation Manager

Passionate about sustainable and inclusive progress, Patrick’s expertise helps P4G align intentionally at the intersection of business and technology.

With close to a decade of experience in web development, growth and product related roles, he brings a myriad of perspectives and creative-thinking to his work. Patrick studied social entrepreneurship with leading thinkers in the region’s social enterprise ecosystem and continues to research the latest advancements happening around the world. In line with Placemaking 4G’s values, he believes businesses can and should be a force of good. Patrick is a strong believer in building momentum and the power of determination. One of his favourite quotes is “Energy and persistence conquer all things” – Benjamin Franklin.

Robynne Baxter


Senior People Officer

Robynne champions P4G’s Human Dynamics and employment practices both internally, and for clients and partners who are making intentional efforts to humanize their workforce.

Originally from Antigonish, NS, Robynne has spent the majority of her career supporting organizations in developing strong, effective, and rewarding employment practices. Working with both start-ups and global organizations, she prides herself on championing progressive people-focused programs and bias-free workplace policies, while tailoring those strategies for success regardless of the industry. Her passion for human dynamics was sparked through business ethics and social structure courses at St.FX where she majored in leadership in management and minored with sociology. Her enthusiasm for learning and challenging perspectives is a key driver for her interests in organizational cultures. She believes that empathy, creativity, and humour are key ingredients for success both personally and professionally.


Jonah Ssenyange


Placemaker, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator

Jonah inspires organizations to create more human workplaces, where contributors can thrive and bring their full selves to work. 

Jonah’s passion is people. Having pivoted his career from accounting to one that would suit his personable demeanor, Jonah inspires and empowers others to reach their full potential in work and life. He has diverse experiences working with various organizations where he supports people to be their best and most authentic selves every day. His passions for talent, recruitment, and diversity have led him to become a vocal advocate for creating equitable workplaces. Jonah has completed a Certificate program in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace from George Brown College, and is a speaker and workshop facilitator on Diversity Management. Inspired by the Gandhi quote, “be the change you want to see in the world” Jonah actively supports people in identifying and utilizing their strengths in order to follow their dreams and passions in their everyday work and personal lives. 


Margaret Schwartz


Communications & Community Navigator

A natural connector and storyteller, Margaret works with the P4G Placemakers to intentionally connect and share career opportunities with communities, and helps to amplify the P4G story. 

A former university drop-out, Margaret now holds a degree in Public Relations and eight years of experience across non-profits, social enterprise and provincial government.  Guided by her will to create, and make equitable opportunities accessible to historically excluded groups in the region, Margaret brings a thoughtful, people-centric lens to P4G. Margaret recently worked in a cluster employment model with Tribe Network in its earliest stages, where she supported racialized community members in navigating funding, and ‘by us, for us’ entrepreneurial resources. Margaret serves on boards and committees for TeamWork Co-operative, and the Macphee Centre for Creative Learning. Vulnerability and relatability are her key ingredients for uniting a shared experience, and bringing people together on a collective purpose. 


Shamme Akter


Human Dynamics Specialist,
CPHR Candidate and member of CPHR Nova Scotia

Leaning on both her masters in business administration in Human Resource Management and her advanced diploma in Human Resource Management from NSCC, Shamme supports P4G Placemakers with an informed and holistic approach to values-based recruitment.

Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” – Kallam Anji Reddy

Originally from Bangladesh, Shamme developed her passion for human dynamics working with large organizations and nonprofits. She believes building trust and authentic relationships are the cornerstones of dynamic, healthy teams. As her highlighted quote suggests, supporting others to find and hone their unique talents is what brings her energy and joy everyday  — and you can’t help but feel this when you work with her.

Kaylee Hake


Communications & Strategy

Motivated by helping others to achieve their goals, Kaylee is here to help P4G clients and partners identify and share their authentic stories, build their dream teams and bring new projects to life.

The truth is, Kaylee would rather be writing your bio than her own but since you’re here, there are a few things she wants you to know. Firstly, she is most inspired by people and their stories, and all of her relationships start from a place of trust. Her training is in communications, and she uses it to bring people, organizations and communities together by helping them to find words that are genuine, transparent and kind. This is how she supports P4G clients and the special projects that she navigates. Her experience spans multiple sectors including marketing, journalism and media as well as non-profit and private health care. All of this experience has taught her many things, but two things transcend: teams that are built on a foundation of trust, and meaningful words, can change everything.


Julieta Diaz-Beltran



Driven to support the holistic growth of others, on the foundation of authentic relationship-building, Julieta helps organizations create the conditions for new contributors to thrive and grow.

Her passion and deep care to help people discover their purpose and next life chapter has motivated her to serve others in a multitude of ways, while gaining valuable experience across business, project management and development, NGOs and immigration. Julieta thrives in environments that center community building, and she is motivated to influence the necessary conditions so humans can reach their ultimate potential. A long-life learner, Julieta holds a Bachelor of Business Creation and Development from ITESM, Mexico; studies from KEDGE, Business School in France; followed by an M.A. in International Development Studies from Saint Mary’s University. More recently she has obtained a Mentor-Project Manager Certificate from Harvard, a Certification in Change Management, and a Diplomat in Applied Peace from the University of San Diego, all of which helps Julieta facilitate difficult conversations resulting in healthier relationships, impactful outcomes and stronger morale. Julieta strives to embody positive leadership and is committed to helping foster psychologically safe and diverse workplace cultures. Julieta truly believes, “Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve “ – MW.

Adam Nagiar P4G

Adam Nagiar



With an impulse to humanize all approaches to automation, Adam marries human touch with technology at P4G.

After completing all three of his computer science co-op placements with P4G, Adam is an integral member of the team, contributing to web platforms, analytic reporting, and internal IT systems. With a passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning, Adam is working towards specialization in that area and will officially graduate from Dalhousie in Spring 2023. Apart from his contributions as a key developer, Adam challenges the team with philosophical thinking and innate wisdom beyond his years. His deep thoughts and desire to remain purpose-led in all he does, inspires others to dig into their own ‘why’s.


Amr ElKhashab



Motivated to remove barriers and provide equitable access to opportunities for everyone, Amr is a natural people-connector who helps organizations find and build long-lasting relationships with unique contributors.

Amr’s is passionate and dedicated to ensuring New Canadians and members of equity-deserving groups are well positioned to build on their careers in Canada, and bring their skills and purposes to life. With a rich and unique background in both recruitment and the community impact sector, Amr brings a multitude of experiences and a thoughtful lens to his work. Amr is an active member in the community. A proud, by-choice, Nova Scotian, Amr’s favorite pastime is sharing his love for Nova Scotia with everyone. As a lifelong learner, Amr lives by the sentiment that there is always something more to learn!

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