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Placemaking 4G was founded to improve lives, livelihoods and futures in Atlantic Canada. We set out from the beginning to change the province, change the country and change the world of work.

We work with our clients to attract and retain the best talent able to contribute to their organization’s needs, culture, community and bottom line. Through our customized talent attraction processes and innovative employment solutions we specialize in sourcing talent for employers through a strategic, partnered approach.

Our values of contribution vs. fit, inter-cultural proficiency, multi-generational involvement, diversity + equity and inclusion along with innovative ideas benefit our clients as we strive to have a continued profound effect on attraction and retention of top talent. As the only firm of its kind registered as a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company (CIC), we are mandated to re-invest 60% of profits back into local communities to reduce the barriers to sustainable economic development. We partner with our clients, whenever possible to strategically invest in projects that align with shared values in order to maximize community impact.


Bradley Daye


Bradley Daye was born and raised in Halifax NS, he is a community leader, coach and member of the African Nova Scotian community with a deeply rooted history in NS.

Those roots are what keep him grounded and provide the motivation behind the work he does now. As the Grandson of Delmore Buddy Daye, community development is always top of mind, he is an empathetic leader with a successful background in professional sports having played and coached football at both the university and professional level. He also has a proven track record of taking an idea from incubation to success, with the successful launch and scale of two businesses and a non-profit organization. He volunteers his time as a member on the Board of Directors for United Way Halifax additionally, He continues to give back through youth football in the north end of Halifax where everything started for him. Bradley has 12 years of combined professional coaching and business management experience that being said, everything is guided by the values he lives by, and Bradley lives by Compassion, Community and Love.


Matt Thomson


Matt Thomson is a father, husband and social entrepreneur.

Having grown up in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, he met the love of his life while attending Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. Now, he’s happy to call Nova Scotia home proudly wearing the “here-by-choice” badge. Constantly learning from teachers that surround him, including his kids, wife, parents, friends and mentors, Matt’s grateful for the wisdom and inspiration he is exposed to. Living with a passion for joy, fulfillment, determination and love, Matt brings his authentic self to all that he does. With the life-purpose of leading courageously toward love, his leadership journey has always been rooted in empathy and collaboration, whether throughout his football career, professional career, entrepreneurial career or parenting/fatherhood journey. Finally, Matt strives to reflect and honour his values which are to: Amplify, Inspire and Transform. 


Sylvia Abdelgawad

Research, Innovation and Immigration Manager

Sylvia Abdelgawad is a Certified Immigration Consultant at Placemaking 4G (P4G). She leads the organization’s various strategies, projects and oversight functions including the launch of Placemaking Immigration – a business that aims to provide transparent and hands-on immigration services to employers looking to bring top talent to their organizations.

Sylvia’s work is underpinned by her knowledge and expertise in capacity building and social entrepreneurship. Having travelled to over 50 countries and having worked in 6 countries within diverse organizations and communities, she has gained a concrete understanding of community-based initiatives. Sylvia’s work exemplifies exactly that, she brings organizations and community members together and works on building capacity around problem identification, economic development, contribution and prosperity.

Silvia is also an award-winning social entrepreneur who advocates for equity, inclusion, human rights and women empowerment. She is a mentor to many and contributes her time as a Board member and advisor to various organizations. She is a member of the Alumni board at Saint Mary’s University, ONE Nova Scotia and the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia.

Sylvia has been recognized for her work with the Community Impact Award, Amplify East and the Award of Excellence in Advancing Immigrant Women. However, her list of achievements and awards are no measure for her energy and passion, and a persistently burning desire to engage communities and providing a foundation of support for women here in Canada and around the globe. Sylvia lives by Empowerment, Impact and support through making meaningful connections

Patrick Adeyemi

Lead Developer

Patrick Adeyemi is the Lead Developer at Placemaking 4G. With over seven years’ experience working in web development, growth and product related roles, Patrick’s expertise lies at the intersection of business and technology.

Passionate about sustainable and all-inclusive progress, Patrick has studied and researched social entrepreneurship with leading thinkers in the region’s social enterprise ecosystem. In line with Placemaking 4G’s values, he believes businesses can and should be a force of good.

Patrick is a strong believer in momentum and power of determination. One of his favourite quotes is

“Energy and persistence conquer all things” – Benjamin Franklin

Robynne Baxter

Senior People Officer

Robynne is responsible for contributing to the organization’s Human Dynamics offerings both internally and for clients and partners. Originally from Antigonish, NS, Robynne has spent the majority of her career supporting organizations in developing strong, effective, and rewarding employment practices. Working with both start-ups and global organizations, she prides herself on championing progressive people-focused programs while tailoring those strategies for success regardless of the industry.

Her passion for human dynamics was sparked through business ethics and social structure courses at St.FX where she majored in leadership in management and minored with sociology. Her enthusiasm for learning and challenging perspectives is a key driver for her interests in organizational cultures. She believes that empathy, creativity, and humour are key ingredients for success both personally and professionally.


Jonah Ssenyange


Jonah is a Placemaker at Placemaking 4G.

Inspired by the famous Gandhi quote, “be the change you want to see in the world”, Jonah pivoted his career from accounting to one that would suit him being an approachable and personable resource.

Jonah’s passion is people! He is inspired and motivated by helping people reach their fullest potential. He has diverse experiences working with various organizations, big and small, in a variety of capacities but with one thing in common – supporting people to be their best and most authentic selves every day. He believes that is truly the best way for any individual and organization to thrive.

Every person is a leader – they just lead, develop, grow, and thrive in their own way. Jonah loves supporting people with identifying and utilizing their strengths in order to follow their dreams and passions in their everyday work and personal lives.

He is always looking for opportunities to build relationships, learn and grow, and inspire and empower those around him.


Nzingha Millar

Senior Communications Consultant

Nzingha specializes in helping organizations reach people by creating authentic communities and communicating with a voice that builds trust and advocacy around their brand. 

Having earned degrees in both Journalism and International Development Studies, Nzingha holds multiple awards for her intersecting work in arts, community development and professional communication. She is a “lover of ideas” and an amplifier of stories worth sharing. 

Nzingha understands story to be the connective tissue that links human experience to meaning. Story is the device used to impart ideas, inform our independent and collective decisions and facilitate human connection. All of this has the power to inspire individuals and organizations to act with purpose and achieve their vision.

From her experience working with nonprofits as well as corporate, start-up and social enterprises, Nzingha has found that the challenge of communicating in a digital world is one faced by all industries. Her strategies place emphasis on communicating to build relationships – the part of work and life that will remain constant through the evolution of technology. Empowering teams to become strong, empathetic communicators and to courageously share their vision with the communities they impact, is her not-so-secret sauce for success. 


Margaret Schwartz

Communications and Community Navigator

Margaret holds a degree in Public Relations and eight years of experience across multiple non-profits and most recently, a career with the Province of Nova Scotia where she served as an outreach coordinator for youth employment programs.

Now, Margaret flatters the P4G’s communications team with an intentional focus on connecting client opportunities to members of the community, relationship building, and sharing the P4G story with the world at large. Through Cluster Employment, Margaret’s time is shared with the Tribe Network, where she creates accessibility to funding, entrepreneurial resources and programs for racialized communities.

Margaret serves on the Board of Directors at Teamwork Co-operative, and on the Fund Development Committee at the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning. A natural storyteller and poet, Margaret has been twice shortlisted for the Nova Scotia’s Writers’ Federation annual poetry competition. Vulnerability and relatability are her ingredients used to unite a shared experience across readers and friends.

Margaret makes time for everyone and believes in the bi-directional value of mentorship and the unexpected impacts it can have at any stage of your personal or professional growth. She is guided by her will to unite with others on a shared sense of purpose.

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