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Below you’ll find brief bios on our team members highlighting our eclectic mix of training and skills. But you will also read about our life experiences, interests, quotes we find motivating and ambitions we have for the world. This diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and interests are embraced at P4G and show up in our work for clients every day.

Our Team

Bradley Daye P4G
Bradley Daye


On a mission to co-create a more socially conscious recruiting industry, Bradley leads P4G’s placemaking work, and inspires workplaces to embrace cultural differences, lived experiences, and the vulnerabilities that come with being human at work.

Matt Thomson P4G
Matt Thomson

Co-Founder/CEO, father, husband, and social entreprenuer

With a bold vision to make the world of work more human, Matt joined forces to co-found and inspire the life force that makes P4G. 

Patrick Adeyemi

Technology and Innovation Manager

Passionate about sustainable and inclusive progress, Patrick’s expertise helps P4G align intentionally at the intersection of business and technology. 

Robynne Baxter

Human Dynamics Lead

Robynne champions P4G’s Human Dynamics and employment practices both internally, and for clients and partners who are making intentional efforts to humanize their workforce.

Jonah Ssenyange

Placemaker/Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator

Jonah inspires organizations to create more human workplaces, where contributors can thrive and bring their full selves to work.

Margaret Schwartz

Communications & Community Navigator

A natural connector and storyteller, Margaret works with the P4G Placemakers to intentionally connect and share career opportunities with communities, and helps to amplify the P4G story. 

Shamme Akter

Human Dynamics Specialist, CPHR Candidate and member of CPHR Nova Scotia

Leaning on both her masters in business administration in Human Resource Management and her advanced diploma in Human Resource Management from NSCC, Shamme supports P4G Placemakers with an informed and holistic approach to values-based recruitment.
Kaylee Hake

Communication & Strategy

Motivated by helping others to achieve their goals, Kaylee is here to help P4G clients and partners identify and share their authentic stories, build their dream teams and bring new projects to life.

Julieta Diaz-Beltran


Driven to support the holistic growth of others, on the foundation of authentic relationship-building, Julieta helps organizations create the conditions for new contributors to thrive and grow.

Adam Nagiar P4G
Adam Nagiar


With an impulse to humanize all approaches to automation, Adam marries human touch with technology at P4G.

Amr ElKhashab


Motivated to remove barriers and provide equitable access to opportunities for everyone, Amr is a natural people-connector who helps organizations find and build long-lasting relationships with unique contributors.
Hilary Sears

Operations & Client Support Specialist

Hilary creates alignment and accountability within P4G’s operations and influences workplace environments so that everyone can thrive.

Ruth Njilayi

Communications & Social Media Student

Ruth is a talented and creative individual born and raised in Canada but from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our Strategic Advisors

Lauren Sears

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

An ecosystem-builder by trade, Lauren has an educational background in psychology, business, and organizational behaviour. A successful university athletic career paired with 14 years of coaching high-performance sport nurtured her curiosity for developing people and teams.

Brady Paul P4G
Brady Paul

Strategic Advisor

Driven to aid in the decolonization of education, government, and society, Brady advocates for the implantation and protection of Indigenous rights and heritage.

April Howe

Strategic Advisor, Founder, Crayon Strategies

April has been an active voice for equity, diversity and inclusion in Nova Scotia for many years. Through her consultancy, Crayon Strategies Inc. she works extensively with clients across Canada and the US from various sectors including pharma care, health care, finance, engineering, tech, not-for-profit, and the start-up sector.

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