Shifting the collective consciousness of work from fear to trust.

Welcome to “Placemaking at Work”. This space was designed with the intention of sharing our thoughts, learnings, and evolving perspectives on navigating the world of work, especially as it relates to people. 

This is a space of authenticity and vulnerability, a space of curiosity and compassion. We won’t be sharing ‘best’ or ‘leading’ practices here but rather, better practices; what we have learned and how we have grown. Finally, this is a space of humility. 

We work in a complex space. After all, people are complicated and we are fortunate enough to immerse ourselves in human dynamics. We are privileged to have been entrusted by individuals and organizations to do the work that we do. Between lessons learned along the way, and the gift we continue to be granted of having been challenged and inspired to evolve our thinking, behaviour and actions, we want to share it all with you. 

P4G was founded for many reasons, including to humanize the recruiting process and the world of work, and that starts by sharing our own authenticity and vulnerability. What we’ve come to realize is that if we are going to put that authenticity into practice, we have to do a better job of telling our story. 

Part of the resistance we’ve felt about doing a blog in the past has been due to imposter syndrome, which we all feel from time-to-time (am I supposed to know what I’m doing?). Part of it is due to the fear of the “vulnerability hangover” that may await us on the other side of sharing in an authentic and vulnerable way (shoutout to all the Brene Brown fans out there ‘keeping it awkward, brave and kind‘!), and part is due to the minefield of judgement of doing or saying the wrong thing that we all navigate. What we are saying now, however, is that we are casting aside resistance and fear. We want to share what we are learning (including the failures, reflection and growth that comes from that) in hopes that others can learn from our experiences. 

Our collective story is one of growth, failure, perspective, lived experience and humility. We’re here for it and hope you will be too! “Shifting the collective consciousness of work from fear to trust” (a beautiful line we lovingly credit to the force that is Dorothy Spence at Imaginal Ventures), best contextualizes what we would like to do with this space.

Through the thoughts and feelings we publish as content here, we’d like to create the conditions that may inspire or even amplify a foundation of trust within you. And we hope that you will continue to push us to learn, reflect on and share better practices. 

Welcome to Placemaking at Work!

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