We believe clear is kind and do our best to be as transparent as possible with our prices and offerings. We are always open to considering unique situations that may not be accounted for in our listed offerings.   

Discounts may apply to organizations with a social-purpose, designated non-profits and those that are making an impact in communities. We encourage you to contact us with any inquiries or questions.

Targeted Search Services - Placemaking 4G

2024 Pricing

$10,500 – Entry Level

$15,000 – Intermediate Level

$18,000 – Senior Level

$26,500 – Executive Level

Custom – VP, Senior Exec (salaries over 130k)

2024 Pricing


Consultants include:

Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Facilitators

Communication professionals

Consulting - Placemaking 4G
Workshops + Training - Placemaking 4G

2024 Pricing

Starting at $5,000

Starting price for a half day session.

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