Foundations of Belonging in the Workplace


Foundations of Belonging

A Nova Scotia-centred introduction to transforming your workplace culture through our intentional and innovative approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Join our self-led, 11-module online course designed to build both individual and organizational awareness surrounding the dynamic lived experiences within Nova Scotian workplaces. Together, we'll explore how we can each contribute to a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone.

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Course Curriculum

This module sets the context for what you will learn throughout the course, and how to best navigate the online platform— including an overview of available accessibility features.

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand how and why biases are created
  • Distinguish between the 16 biases, and how they show up in your workplace
  • Explain the impact and harm biases cause
  • Identify and challenge biases in the context of oneself, one’s organization, and community
  • Implement tools and strategies to help mitigate bias

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Better understand privileged aggressions and how their impacts are not “micro”
  • Identify the various types of aggressions and what message they send
  • Learn strategies for what to do if you have inflicted an aggression

In this module, you will gain an understanding of:

  • The causes and consequences of stereotypes
  • Strategies for igniting individual behaviour change that disrupts those stereotypes

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Positions of privilege and how they influence people
  • How racism has— and continues to— impact the lives of various racial groups
  • How racism manifests at the ideological, individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels
  • How to adopt an anti-racist lens in your workplace

In this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Ableism and how disability-related barriers impact everyone, whether physical, intellectual, employment-related or attitudinal
  • Strategies for increasing access for everyone in your workplace

In this module, you will gain an understanding of:

  • Your personal cultural lens and how it influences communication
  • Humility, and how it fosters a more inclusive workplace
  • How to identify and respond thoughtfully to different communication styles and needs, in various cultural contexts
  • Showing respect for cultural traditions practiced in Nova Scotia

At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand what allyship behaviour looks like and how to put it into practice

Throughout this module, you will gain an understanding of:

  • Inclusive leadership competencies and strategies
  • The significance of inclusion and the role it plays in inclusive leadership
  • The 6 C’s of inclusive leadership
  • Common pitfalls leaders face while leading diverse teams

In this module, you will gain an understanding of:

  • How one can contribute to creating an inclusive culture of belonging
  • The core attributes of a healthy and productive team
  • Strategies and tools for increasing trust and psychological safety
  • Your personal team-player assessment and style

In this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Your role in organizational change
  • The importance of data in making real, transformational change
  • Why change needs to be well-managed and communicated
Start your learning journey with an overview of Nova Scotia’s colonial and discriminatory past, and learn about:
  • How Nova Scotia’s history contributes to present-day discrimination and inequities in the workplace
  • The dynamics that negatively impact your organization’s culture and your employee’s personal experiences
  • Accountability to change on a personal and organizational level
  • Skills and strategies for creating accessible workplaces, and putting allyship into practice
  • What it takes to create true, lasting change on a systems level within your organization

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Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

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Frequently asked questions

The course walks you through a total of 8 hours of course material, across 11 modules. Because the course is self-paced, you can decide how to divide the modules based on your availability.

You will have access to the course for a duration of 1 year from your date of purchase, with the opportunity to renew your license annually.

Once you have successfully enrolled in the course, together we’ll discuss a rollout plan for you and your team. From there, we will distribute activation links to each member of your team, granting them access to the training.

At this time, our online learning modules are only available for organizations. We hope to roll out training for individuals at a later date, so please keep in touch! 

While the statistical and historical context of this course offers examples specific to Nova Scotia, the underlying themes and educational framework are applicable regardless of your location. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to discuss whether this program is the right program for you and your organization!

Access to our online modules starts at $295/seat. We also offer corporate discounts based on the number of seats you’re looking to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a commercial license for your team, please fill out our intake form with some basic information about your organization, and a member of our team will be in touch with a custom quote.

Once you’ve filled out an intake form, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss pricing along with a rollout plan for you and your team. From there, we will coordinate and distribute course activation links to each of your team members, and set you up with the resources and support needed for a successful launch.

This course is sold by user license. You will need to purchase a license for each individual of your organization looking to take the course.  If you wish to purchase a commercial license for you and your team, please get in touch with us.

Every participant’s learning journey will be different. The best way to make sure you get the most out of this course is to actively practice applying what you learn, across multiple environments. Take the time to reflect on each of the modules, and to fill out each of the prompts embedded in the course. Your answers will not be saved— they’re for your eyes only, meant to prompt self-reflection along your learning journey.

The beauty of our online course is that you’re able to learn at your own pace. We recommend setting aside time consistently to engage with the modules, and revisit content whenever needed.

Having a standardized and curated online course for your entire team ensures that every member of your organization comes away with the same knowledge base, strategies and skillsets, helping to drive change across your entire organization.

Absolutely! Throughout the course, you will learn strategies that you can begin implementing straight away, along with how to foster long term change.

This course was thoughtfully and intentionally designed with Nova Scotian organizations in mind. We’ve curated our course content to speak directly to the dynamic lived experiences of Nova Scotians from a diverse range of backgrounds, and use real stories from real members of your community.

This course was created in collaboration between the Nova Scotia Career Development Association, Placemaking 4G and Think Dorémi

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