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About Cultural Snapshots

Our ultimate goal is to find a contributor who is truly aligned with the culture and vision of the organization and someone who will continue to contribute to the organization in meaningful ways. To ensure we have our finger on the pulse of the organizations’ true values, it’s important to hear from a wide range of team members to gain a greater perspective. We use a few methods for this discovery process including;

  • One-on-one cultural interviews

  • Anonymous surveys

What to expect?​

All stakeholders (employees, board members, etc.) will have the opportunity to participate in anonymous surveys to express their thoughts on what it feels like to be part of the organization, the future of the organization, and what they would like to see in a new contributor. A smaller group of team members with representation from multiple levels of seniority will participate in one-on-one discussions with one of our Placemakers. These discussions are confidential, informal conversations to dig a bit deeper into what alignment with the organization means.

The information gathered from both the interviews and surveys is reviewed by our Human Dynamics Specialists and Placemakers and presented back to you in the form of a Cultural Snapshot – together we use this as our guide to help inform our conversations and interview questions with potential candidates. This process helps ensure we build consensus and alignment between the organization and your new team member.

Our Placemaking Team

To book a cultural snapshot with one of our Placemakers, scroll down and click on their Calendly button and book a time to talk!


Bradley Daye

On a mission to co-create a more socially conscious recruiting industry, Bradley leads P4G’s placemaking work, and inspires workplaces to embrace the vulnerabilities that come with being human at work.


Matt Thomson

With a bold vision to make the world of work more human, Matt joined forces to co-found and inspire the life force that makes P4G. He leads courageously toward love in all he does.

Robynne Baxter

Robynne champions P4G’s Human Dynamics and employment practices both internally, and for clients and partners who are making intentional efforts to humanize their workforce.


Jonah Ssenyange

With a strong lens of equity and belonging, Jonah inspires organizations to create more human workplaces, where contributors can thrive and bring their full selves to work.


Julie Diaz-Beltran

Driven to support the holistic growth of others, on the foundation of authentic relationship-building, Julieta helps organizations create the conditions for new contributors to thrive and grow.

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