Pay Transparency Drives Pay Equity

The 12.6 % wage gap between racialized, university-educated, Canadian-born people and their white peers didn’t just happen by itself (this means on average, racialized workers are making 87.4 cents for every dollar earned by a white worker). Organizations are typically built in a way that upholds inequity.  In our industry, we consistently hear stories from …

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Leave No Doubt

We’ve always wanted to do this, but 2022 is the year we’ve intentionally made this accessible, and it feels fantastic. What are we talking about? Our pricing on our website…Seriously…here it is! Sharing how we make money allows us to live our value of “trust” and the associated behaviour of, “leaving no doubt of the …

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blue musical notes reach a yellow background with right-aligned text reading Let's Stop People Who Fit In

Let’s Stop Hiring People Who “Fit In”

“They don’t fit with the dynamic of our company culture.” “They fit right in.” “We are looking for the perfect fit.” You often hear organizations talk about finding the ‘right fit’ to join their team. While usually well-intentioned, we’ve come to learn on the P4G journey that this perspective can cause more harm than good. …

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A blue background with white text reads Welcome to Placemaking at Work: Shifting the collective consciousness at work from fear to trust. A small headshot of a white man in a blue short sits below a hand holding a heart emoji.

Welcome to Placemaking at Work

Shifting the collective consciousness of work from fear to trust. Welcome to “Placemaking at Work”. This space was designed with the intention of sharing our thoughts, learnings, and evolving perspectives on navigating the world of work, especially as it relates to people.  This is a space of authenticity and vulnerability, a space of curiosity and …

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3 people, two male with female in centre sit close together smiling, holding two signs that say "The power of Inclusion" in both English and French

Why Placemaking in Recruiting?

Considering the name of our company, it seems only natural that the philosophy of placemaking would form the foundation of our work. At the very beginning of P4G, we set out to challenge the definition, experience and expectations of recruiting. We identified with the term Placemaking, a process and philosophy that serves to strengthen the …

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